We find security issues before criminals do.

Meet our proactive services. From security audits to collaborative bug hunting. Whether you're an individual or a critical business, we have a tailored solution for you.


Protect your digital realm with our proactive security services. Choose the plan that suits your needs and join a community of computer enthusiasts.

Plan Features Price
Standard Write access to the software. $2
Pro Get advanced features, such as priority support and exclusive content. $4/month
Business Make commercial offers in the software. $16/month


  • We're a community-driven software, and all our profits go back into improving the quality of our tool.
  • Get access to exclusive content, events, and networking opportunities.
  • Enjoy premium features, such as advanced functionality and priority support.
  • Receive dedicated support from our team of experts, and get access to our exclusive community.
  • Take your computer skills to the next level with our custom solutions.
  • And much, much more. There are some... you know, private conversations we carry on.